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Cyber Defense at the Data Layer

Cybersecurity tools and frameworks exist across the IT ecosystem. Mostly, these are mechanisms for detecting attacks at the level of endpoints, network and application access, which is understandable, because it is through these layers that attackers have to get to gain access to the critical data layer.

Introducing a cyber protection and recovery solution that operates at the data layer, increasing the overall cyber resilience of your data-dependent business operations!

There is no such thing as simple data, is all your data safe?

Every company has different types of data. While traditional backups can be effective in protecting structured data, unstructured data requires a specific approach and is a challenge to thoroughly protect.

Structured data has a clearly defined structure and format. They are organized into a specific scheme that clearly defines what type of data can be stored in a given field. A typical example of structured data is tables or databases where data is stored in predetermined columns and rows.
Unstructured data has no clear organization and cannot be easily organized. They usually take the form of text or multimedia, such as e-mails, documents, presentations or, for example, videos and audio recordings.

Data security in both categories is key and we bring a solution that can protect and secure your complete dataset.

structured and unstructured data

Protect your data with Dell Cyber Recovery solution

Cyber attacks are designed to destroy, steal or otherwise compromise your valuable data, including your backups. Protecting your critical data and restoring it with assured integrity is key to restoring normal business operations after an attack. Dell Cyber Recovery secures all your data with an isolated and safe hiding place from long-term attackers. You can then quickly restore the data in its original form so that the impact on the company operation is minimal.


Physical & logical separation of data.


Preserve original integrity of data.


Machine learning based threat detection, alerting and reporting.

Recovery dat

Fast recovery for minimal operational impact.

Better safe vault than sorry

A robust cyber resilience strategy includes the use of all best practices and tools related to data protection: correct level of access control, immutable data copies, antivirus and antimalware.

Ransomware Defender can do even more and comes with the option of last resort, which is represented by a copy of data in a Cyber Vault, safe space isolated from the production environment, making it completely inaccessible to cybercriminals.

More about Ransomware Defender
After the initial data replication to the cyber vault, an air-gap is maintained (air gap - physical separation using an isolated space) between the production environment and the copy in the vault. This measure ensures a very high level of security.

Any further incremental replication is done only after the air gap is closed, and only when you verify that there is nothing to suggest a breach of security on the  production environment.

The question is not if, but when.

The speed and success of attacks are increasing, cybercriminals are professionalizing and operating in multinational groups and state-supported formations. Data security is the only chance to defend yourself.

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